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The BMX Love EP


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Sorry if I scared you, made you feel uneasy It's just that I adore you Sometimes I don't hide it well That day you saw me staring I really didn't mean to It's just that I adore you it won't go away And when I'm alone I call you on the phone I hang up every time I know that you've guessed it's me I won't do that anymore, you have my word for sure I can wait forever I'll leave you alone Unless that is you've changed your mind You did it before And there was the time before Unless that is you've seen the light You've started to miss my arms around you in the night Open your eyes I'll make you smile You won't realise I've here all the while Open your eyes I'll make you smile you won't realise I've been here Unless that is you've changed your mind You did it before and there was the time before Maybe you'll see, see what I see And you'll change your mind right in the nick of time I can wait forever for him


At Elefant we are congratulating ourselves on the release, for the second time, of the exclusive 7” of one of the most vital and active groups of the Scottish pop scene. Duglas T. Stewart put together a handful of unreleased songs in this item that marks the sepia tinted memory of the most elegantly poppy seventies, led by the piano, evoking the halo of composers like Burt Bacharach or Henry Mancini and artists like Dusty Springfield or Françoise Hardy. From the new version of “Our Secret Life” in French, rebaptized here as “Quand il n'y a plus d'amour” (with the French adaptation by Nick Garrie) to the closing gem of the EP, a version of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” that Olivia Newton-John sang in “Grease”, on of our favorite films, which Duglas deliciously recreates with the collaboration of the Scottish band THE ATTIC LIGHTS. The single is completed with two very recent recordings, the unreleased “I Can Wait Forever”, intimate folk pop marked with elegant melodies and vocals, and a version of “You Don’t Want to Be My Girlfriend, Phoebe” by MY LITTLE AIRPORT. When Duglas received MY LITTLE AIRPORT’s album, published by Elefant, he fell instantly in love with the song. He played it live a few days later and soon after decided to record it in the studio, the magnificent result of which is here. A precious collection of songs with the indelible stamp of one of the most gifted minds in pop of the last 25 years at the controls. As always, Duglas, it’s a pleasure.


released February 2, 2009


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